Magic Metal Beans Keep Your Coffee Hot For Hours

I would trade a cow for these magic beans. Seriously. “Coffee Joulies” are a new invention that are stainless steel “beans” that keep your coffee at the perfect temperature for several hours. Hours.

How do they work? Their Kickstarter page says:

his material is designed to melt at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and absorbs a lot of energy as it melts. This is how Joulies cool your coffee down three times faster than normal. Once it reaches this temperature, the special material begins to solidify again, releasing the energy it stored when it melted. This is how Joulies keep your coffee warm twice as long.

The project’s original money-raising goal of $9,500 has been well-surpassed to over $230,000. Backers get some of the beans themselves so it looks like there’s a lot of coffee and tea drinkers out there interested. Sounds cool, I’m curious to see what’s inside the bean — because you know somebody is going to cut one open.

Coffee Joulies – your coffee, just right [Kickstarter]

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