Gain Tries To Market Laundry Detergent With Extreme Creepiness

There’s nothing like a creepy smile to sell laundry detergent! Or at least, that’s what Gain seems to think.

Consumerist reader Jon B. submitted the aforementioned ad, which also appears on Gain’s official where other devotees of the brand can see Mr. T-Shirt Smiler even more, saying it gave him the heebie jeebies.

He writes:

I was out getting a few items at the store and came across this Gain advertisement and I think so far it’s in the running for creepiest of the year.

Beyond the fact that it seems odd for a facial expression of such sublime creepiness to be visible through any common shirt material, doesn’t it look like this guy is trying to punch himself in the head to wipe that smile off his face?


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