Bank Of America Charged Me A Fee To Ask A Question

Something is rotten in the state of Georgia! Or at least, it would seem that perhaps the state is in cahoots with Bank of America, which is acting like a brat and charging fees for anyone who dares to question what the deal is.

Reader Jacob J. says his sister received her tax refund in the form of a Bank of America debit card, instead of a check, through no action of his own. A branch of BofA told him he’d have to pay a fee to get the cash off of it, so instead, he called the number on the papers that came with it. Big mistake! Or at least, a $2 one.

He writes:

So we called the number on all of the papers it came with and they said that there isn’t a fee. But when we went back to get it all off of the card and it didn’t work we were informed that because we called them they took a $2 fee off of the refund. A fee to ask a question. Bank of America is probably paying to essentially force people into being their customers through this debit card system where either people will either not use all of it or they will probably overdraft. And, of course there is a fee to even ask them a question about fees. It took us over an hour and two trips to finally get the money from the bank that the state of Georgia owed my sister.

It seems like a very underhanded system to opt people into being their customer then to have fee traps everywhere.

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