How To Win A Skype Interview

When you’re hunting for an out-of-state job, you may find prospective employers would rather save some coin by interviewing you over Skype rather than flying you out for a sit-down. The relatively new format may leave you inexperienced, but you’ll have to make the most out of your awkward video chat to beat the competition.

In a guest post on Life After College, Jenny — not to be accused with the Jenny who runs the blog and wrote the eponymous book — offers several ways to excel in a Skype interview:

*Practice. Acclimate yourself to the format by having a friend pose as the interviewer, and have that person evaluate your performance so you can see how you’re coming up short.

*Maintain webcam contact. You don’t want to appear sheepish or jittery, so it’s key to keep your eyes focused on the screen as though you were maintaining eye contact with the actual person. Remember that interviews are at least as much about impressions as they are about information.

*Minimize the background noise. Don’t let the safety of remaining at home lull you into a false sense of security. Sequester yourself away from pets, roommates and family members, and turn your phone off. Loud, uncontrolled surroundings can make you appear unprofessional.

If you’re a Skype interview pro, what’s your advice for rocking webcam interviews?

Guest Post: 10 Tips to Shred the Competition in your Skype interview (by Jenny Foss) [Life After college]

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