Woman Sues Target Over Credit Card Debt Collection Practices

A woman in Pennsylvania has filed a lawsuit against the retail chain, alleging that it used false affidavits to collect debts on Target-issued credit card accounts.

This lawsuit actually came about as a result of a suit filed by Target National Bank, who issue the Target REDcard, against the Pennsylvania woman in 2009 in an attempt to collect an alleged credit card debt from her.

That suit was dropped five months later, but the woman still incurred legal fees during that time, all in an effort to fight a legal action that should never have happened in the first place.

Her claim against Target claims that the notarized debt affidavit used in her case and others were rubber-stamped and that the Target staffer listed on the document “didn’t review any records prior to allegedly executing the affidavit.”

The plaintiff believes that there are hundreds of other customers who received similarly false affidavits and either paid the false debt, incurred legal costs, or had their credit ratings harmed in the process.

“TNB took the false and misleading affidavits and utilized them to secure judgments against hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of alleged debtors,” reads the lawsuit.

AP: Pa. woman sues over Target debt collection [CNBC]

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