Feds Crack Down On Restaurant Owners For Allegedly Employing Illegal Immigrants

Apparently some restaurants are in the habit of hiring undocumented workers to do grunt work, paying them in cash to avoid taxes. The feds are onto this brazen scheme, and put the smackdown on two owners of a restaurant chain based in Arizona and California, as well as their accountant.

The Arizona Daily Star (my daytime employer) reports Immigration and Customs Enforcement concluded a two-year investigation by arresting the three on charges including tax evasion, unlawful hiring and harboring of illegal immigrants and conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service. Authorities also arrested 40 alleged illegal immigrants at the restaurants.

The next thing you know, G-men might discover similar chicanery at hotels. Just joking, of course.

Feds raid Tucson Chuy’s locations in illegal hiring probe [Arizona Daily Star]

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