Meet The New Reasons You Aren't Buying 3D TVs, Same As The Old Reasons

If there is indeed a 3D TV revolution underway, someone forgot to tell consumers. The NPD Group said high prices and the annoyance of having to wear glasses — which potential buyers have long cited as reasons to avoid the products — continue to keep 3D TVs on store shelves. Customers are also disappointed with the lack of movies available in the format.

Home Media Magazine relays the NPD’s results from a February survey, noting they jibe with Best Buy’s latest fiscal report, which said 3D TV sales continue to disappoint.

Said an NPD analyst:

“Concerns about price and an aversion to 3D glasses both saw relative increases as inhibitors to adopting 3D televisions. However, as prices and price premiums for 3DTV decline, glasses are becoming a more prominent inhibitor and are poised to overtake price.”

Prices of 3D TVs tumbled from September to February, with LCD models dropping 36.5
percent to an average of $1,705 and plasmas dropping 59 percent to a $1,214 average.

If you don’t own a 3D TV, what keeps you from buying one?

NPD: Price, Glasses Continue to Thwart 3DTV Adoption [Home media Magazine via High-Def Digest]

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