Would You Take A Bad Amazon Marketplace Review Down For A Refund?

T. ordered a replacement power adapter for his MacBook from an Amazon Marketplace seller. He was under the impression that it was a genuine Apple product, but the $35 price tag probably should have been an indication that it wasn’t. The item arrived, worked okay, and then T. accidentally broke it. Two months after he left a tepidly negative review, he heard from the seller, offering a refund to encourage him to remove his negative feedback. Coincidentally, the seller had received a huge increase in negative feedback in the period since T’s purchase. What would you do?

T. writes:

Here is my ethical question of the day. I recently bought a power adapter for my MacBook from an Amazon Marketplace. I got a real deal(red flag) and received the item. The item did work, but it obviously not an Apple original due to the fit and finish of the product and didn’t operate the same. Well it worked, and then I had a mishap with my reclining chair that severed the power cable. Oh well, I’m out $35, and I go down the street and buy an actual replacement. I leave a 2/5 star review with the following comments:

2/5 stars (negative) “Was not an genuine Apple product. I would have returned it, but cable was accidentally severed by my reclining chair.”

2 Months later I get an email :

Dear xxx,

We want to offer you a Full Refund right away.

We are very sorry you had a problem with you order. We are here to help.

Our number is xxx or you can get in contact with us by emailing us back.

We want to resolve this ASAP as the negative feedback greatly hurts our Amazon account and we want you to be a happy customer. We would be glad to provide a Full Refund and let you keep the item. If you would be willing to remove the negative feedback that would be great.

Is there something else we can do? Please call our email us and we will resolve this for you.

I checked their merchant rating and their overall rating is at 88%, but the last 90 days is down to 53%. It looks like they are trying to remediate their image.

While I don’t need the money, I think it is better to keep the integrity of my review, which I left to help other shoppers who may buy from these fellows.

At least the refund offer isn’t contingent on removing the feedback first. T’s decision keeps the greater good in mind, but what would you have done?

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