Slobstopper: Your Coffee And Donut-Blocking Poncho

Have you ever sipped coffee while driving, and spilled it down the front of your shirt? Man, we’ve all been there. What if there were a product that could prevent such mishaps? Perhaps a massive synthetic backless poncho of an adult bib, with a handy homemade-looking infomercial, and with a gross name. Yes! That’s perfect!

Enter the Slobstopper, the polyurethane bib for consuming beverages while commuting. It costs about $20 with shipping, fastens around your neck with Velcro straps, and might lead to some awkward conversations if you forget to take it off before walking into your office.

And a much less homemade-looking one:

“Made in the USA, you will not find a more durable, higher quality bib anywhere,” the website boasts. That’s probably true. And a high-quality adult-size bib has many useful applications. Sipping iced coffee in the car is not necessarily one of them.

Slobstopper [Official Site] (via… uh, pretty much everywhere. Thanks, GitEmSteveDave!)

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