HBO Go Finally Available To DirecTV Subscribers

In the year since HBO launched its HBO Go streaming service as a bonus for Verizon FiOS subscribers, it’s also become available to Comcast, Cox and Time Warner Cable customers. And now, DirecTV subscribers will finally be able to watch HBO programming on-demand on their computers.

HBO Go provides about 1,400 titles of programming and movies from HBO, while Max Go offers around 400 Cinemax offerings.

The streaming services currently only work on regular ol’ computers but HBO has been advertising that they will soon be available on iPads and iPhones, with an Android version not far in the offing.

Our TV-loving cousins at Consumer Reports write:

Users can bookmark content to view at a later time using a “Watch List” feature, and create personalized “Series Pass” events that provide automatic alerts when new episodes of HBO programs arrive. Viewers are also able to pause and rewind programs, just as they would on a DVR.

HBO Go lets DirecTV, cable subscribers watch shows on computers [Consumer Reports]

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