Appeals Court Denies Twins' Case Against Facebook

An epilogue to the film The Social Network took place in a U.S. appeals court, with twin Harvard classmates of Facebook CEO/president Mark Zuckerberg — who accused him of ripping them off — being forced to stick with their 2008 settlement of $65 million.

Mashable reports the appeals court upheld a district court ruling, and that the case is now pretty much dead. The twins, who are featured prominently in the Oscar-nominated film, accused Facebook of securities fraud, contending it did not provide an accurate valuation at the time of their original settlement.

The judge did some scolding, writing that the twins “are not the first parties bested by a competitor who then seek to gain through litigation what they were unable to achieve in the marketplace,” adding “At some point, litigation must come to an end. That point has now been reached.”

Court to Winklevoss Twins: Facebook Settlement Stands, Time To Move On [Mashable]