Guy Wins Race Against NYC Bus On Big Wheel

If you’ve ever ridden the bus in New York City, you know it is a damn slow experience. But, unlike a taxi, it’s a couple of bucks, and unlike a subway, it’s above-ground. So people put up with it. But exactly how slow is an MTA bus? Mark Malkoff decided to test it out and he videotaped himself racing a bus, down 42nd st from 10th to Madison ave, on a child’s Big Wheel. Turns out the guy who makes the wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town, has some catching up to do.

As a guy whose first job in New York was a bike messenger, let me tell you that indeed, a velocipede is the most efficient way to get around Manhattan. I once took a package from East 132nd Street to the heart of the West Village in 20 minutes. Beat that, bus!

[via Gawker.TV]

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