Delta Bans Bulldogs After Increase In Dog Deaths

Delta Airlines took a lot of heat in 2010 for a string of incidents — like this one, this one or this one — involving dead and/or lost pets on its flights. So in an attempt to cut down on the number of animal deaths, the airline will no longer accept bulldogs in its planes’ cargo holds.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Delta recently decided to bar American, English and French bulldogs from its planes. The reasoning: Six of the 16 on-board pet deaths last year were bulldogs.

Nationwide, 31 of the 122 airline dog deaths in the last five years have been bulldogs, reports the U.S. Department of Transportation. Short-faced dogs like these breeds may experience respiratory problems while flying in the cargo area. American Airlines already has a policy against carrying snub-nosed dogs and cats for this very reason. Delta already has an existing policy against allowing snub-nosed pets to fly in hot weather.

A rep for the Humane Society voiced his support for Delta’s decision: “We’re pleased that Delta is being attentive and responsive to the particular animal welfare concerns with bulldogs.”

Bulldog deaths lead to Delta ban []

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