Costco Selling $1 Million Diamond Ring

If you’re a rich baron of industry out to impress your beloved with a pricey piece of jewelry, forget Tiffany’s. Go to Costco. They’re selling a big ‘ol 6.77 ct diamond solitaire ring for $1,000,000. And true to form, it’s a bargain. The piece has been valued at $1,601,875.

The discount club warehouse has been in the high-end diamond ring market for a while, they made their first foray with a yellow diamond ring for $180,000 back in 2005, but $1,000,000 is a heck of a bump up from that price point.

Costco will even let you return it if you change your mind, just as long as you haven’t damaged, resize, or reset it. However, unlike, two-year-old kiddie pools and lawn hoses, you’ll need a receipt.

6.77 ct IF Clarity, D Color Diamond Solitaire Ring [Costco] (Thanks to Megan!)

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