Expedia & Hotwire Kiss, Make Up With American Airlines

Isn’t it just so cute when big companies get back together after a breakup? Four months after Expedia expunged American Airlines fare and schedule information from its online listings, the two foes have announced the listings will be restored to Expedia and its affiliate Hotwire.

Expedia gave American the boot in January after the airline pulled its flight offerings from Orbitz.com because it wants customers to book travel directly through AA.com.

The Seattle Times reports on the joyful reunion, details of which haven’t been released. When American parted ways with Orbitz, it said its aim was to reduce the cost of tickets by making online agencies access info directly from their computer system, instead of going through global distribution systems (GDS).

This time around, Expedia says it will get American’s info via their Direct Connect link by using an a currently unnamed GDS.

Do you think this re-partnering is helpful or harmful to consumers? Would you like to see Orbitz follow suit and welcome American Airlines back into the fold?

Expedia, Hotwire restore flight info for American Airlines [Seattle Times]

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