Horizon Apologizes To Too-Tall Passenger Booted From Flight

You may remember last week’s story of the 6’9″ Horizon Air passenger who was removed from the plane after a flight attendant asked him to move his long legs out of the aisle. Well, over the weekend we received updates from both the airline and the original tipster, and it appears all parties have been able to work things out.

After seeing the story on Consumerist, a rep for Horizon contacted the passenger and then sent us this follow-up:

We have apologized to this passenger for his experience on board our flight. What should have happened in this scenario is the flight attendants should have asked for passengers seated in an exit or bulkhead row to voluntarily give up their seats to provide the passenger with the much needed leg room he requires.

Moving him to a seat with more leg room would have ensured the aisle was clear but that didn’t happen and he was wrongly removed from the plane. We apologize for how this situation was handled and compensated the passenger the value of his ticket off a future flight, which he found acceptable.

This was all confirmed when in a separate message we received from the passenger’s stepdaughter, who originally told us about the incident. “Horizon personally apologized to my stepfather and offered him a free flight!” she wrote. “He’s very pleased with the result. Thanks!!”

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