Networks Demand To Be Taken Off Time Warner Cable's iPad Streaming App

Some content providers didn’t see it as an honor to be included in Time Warner Cable’s TV-streaming iPad App. In fact, some, such as Fox, saw it as unauthorized use of their content and sent the company cease and desist letters.

Bloomberg reports TWC complied by pulling complaining networks — 12 channels in all, including those from Fox, Viacom and Discovery Communications — off the app. Apparently the language in some of TWC’s contacts with networks don’t expressly allow the cable giant to stream shows on tablets. Some of the contracts, Bloomberg notes, were created before the time of tablets.

TWC’s spokesman says everything’s OK:

“We know our customers are going to continue to enjoy the application with the programming that is available, and we’re going to work really hard to make sure that eventually that includes everything.”

The app only allows subscribers to stream programming in their homes in most cases. If you’ve used the app, what do you think of it?

Time Warner Cable Drops Networks Including Fox From IPad App Amid Dispute [Bloomberg via Deadline]

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