White House: More Women Are Educated Than Men, But Don't Get Paid As Much

In a mysterious inequity, American women earn about 75 percent of what their male counterparts make at all levels of education, according to a White House report that claims to be the first comprehensive federal evaluation of the status of women since 1963.

According to Reuters, the report says the pay discrepancy is present despite the fact that there are more females than males with high school diplomas and college degrees. The report culled data from several government agencies.

Says the chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls:

“When women make less than men for the same work, it impacts the families, who then find themselves with less income. When there’s no affordable childcare, it hurts children who wind up in second-rate care or spending afternoons alone in front of a television set.”

Have you noticed a difference in pay to men and women in your field?

American women gain in school, lag at work [Reuters]

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