Report: NFL Could Survive 2-Year Lockout

When billionaires are locked in a labor struggle with millionaires, bet on the billionaires — especially if they’ve got guaranteed continuing revenue streams. NFL owners, who are expected to lock players out later this week due to a labor dispute, are in decent shape to last two seasons without any actual football, predicts Standard & Poor’s.

CNNMoney reports the NFL’s TV deals ensure that the league will receive TV money even if no games are played. The league will have to pay the money back with interest once play resumes, but the funds will help keep most teams in operation for at least two seasons. The league also has a war chest of $900 million teams can draw from in case of a work stoppage.

The players, on the other hand, are a loosely-knit bunch who can’t afford to be taking prime earning years off.

If you’re a football fan, which side are you pulling for? How would you cope with a year or two of open Sundays?

NFL may be able to weather 2-year lockout [CNNMoney]

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