Is Target Now Cheaper Than Walmart?

Whatever problems many customers might have with Walmart’s business practices, the retail behemoth’s low prices continue to draw shoppers. But new price-comparison reports say that Target may now be the place for frugal consumers.

Retail consulting firm Customer Growth Partners compared 35 brand-name items — 22 common grocery staples; 10 general merchandise products; 3 health and beauty items — sold at Walmarts and Targets in New York, Indiana and North Carolina.

The result? The prices at Target ($269.13) were around two dollars cheaper than they were at Walmart ($271.07).

“For the first time in four years, our price comparisons between the two has shown that Target has a slight edge over Walmart,” said the president of Customer Growth Partners. “Target stepped up its game during the recession… The company caught up with Wal-Mart on making its supply chain more efficient so it could bring down prices on items people frequently buy.”

Another price comparison of Massachusetts Walmarts and Targets by Kantar Retail found similar results.

In that study, Target bested Walmart prices on health and beauty items while Big W was still cheaper than Big Red on groceries and household goods such as light bulbs, trash bags and detergent.

Have any of you noticed where you’re getting the better deal?

Target typically undercuts Wal-Mart on prices []

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