Ex-Hertz Employee Shares 3 Tips On Saving On Your Next Rental

A former slinger of keys for rental car company Hertz has stepped forward from the shadows to share his three tips for saving on your next car.

1) Always, always, always price match

Hertz is obsessed with taking customers away from their primary competitors. If you prefer Hertz as your rental car company, shop ahead of time and see if there are any companies offering better deals. 99% of the time Hertz will match that price and sometimes go even lower depending on how many cars are on the lot.

2) Hertz loves insurance claim customers

If you are renting a car because you were in an accident, Hertz will do every thing they possibly can to get your business. Ask for free upgrades and if they do not give in, threaten to go to a competitor. It will almost always work. If you do not have rental on your policy (meaning your insurance company will not pay for the car), do not fret, you can still get a great deal. Again, just threaten to go to a competitor and they will give you the best price they can.

3) Squeaky wheel gets the grease

If you had a bad experience, or the car was funky-smelling or drove funny, be sure to bring it up with the employee when you return the car. They are fanatical about their satisfaction survey numbers and will do anything to appease you, “will do anything from giving you free gas, taking money off your rental, offering coupons for future rentals,” says our insider.

And of course, whether it’s Hertz or another outfit, always check to see if your credit card covers the insurance before you opt for the one provided by the car rental place.

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