Swoopo Parent Files For Bankruptcy, Site Down Due To 'Technical Issues'

If you’re a fan of online gambling masquerading as an auction, you’ll have to turn away from Swoopo and instead use one of its dozens of clones. The penny-auction leader filed for bankruptcy last week, and the site has been down due to “technical issues” for over a week. Will it be back? No one knows, and no one at Swoopo is answering support e-mails or any other contact.

Technologizer reports that Swoopo’s parent company, Shopping Entertainment AG, filed in bankruptcy court in Munich last week. The company has hired a liquidator, but no word on the fate of US subsidiary Shopping Entertainment Inc. Some users on the Penny Auction Watch message boards (and online comments elsewhere) claim that users have not received items that they recently won, and there is no response from the company.

Swoopo Quietly Files for Bankruptcy [Technologizer] (Thanks, Kyle!)

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