Landlord Offers $50 Off Rent To Tenants For Leaving Positive Ratings

Luke got an intriguing email from his landlord. It was an offer for $50 off his April rent – hooray! – but he had to something unsavory first. His landlord wanted him to go to and give the apartment complex 5-star ratings across the board.

“I’m perfectly content with my landlord, and have nothing to complain about, but this just seems kind of unethical. I mean, I’m being bribed, effectively,” writes Luke.

With the economy tight, just about anyone could use $50 off their rent. Is there a big harm in leaving a fake review? We already know the internet is full of this fluff, what’s one more puffball on the pile. On the other hand, it’s lying, and goes against the spirit of strangers helping one another with accurate information.

What do you think? Would you take the bribe?

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