NJ Man Selling 212 Phone Number For $1 Million

212 is a coveted area code for your phone number. It says that you are in Manhattan, established, and among the set that could pop its collar if it wanted to but chooses not to. Now a New Jersey man is trying to auction off his 212 number for $1 million on eBay, hoping the proceeds will cover care for his elderly mother, who has dementia, reports New York Daily News. For those that might question whether the number really has value, consider that 6 months after he got the number, Verizon called asking if they could have it back, saying they usually reserve it for “big companies.” Sorry, Charlie, prestige has its price.

New Jersey man hawks his (212) phone number on eBay – wants $1 million for swanky area code [New York Daily News] (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)

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