How To Handle Unhelpful Customer Service Reps Without Yelling

If you’ve ever gotten your way with customer service reps who seemed bent on denying you request, it probably wasn’t because you lost your temper.

With the idea in mind that anger will get you nowhere, DealNews dishes out some advice on how to handle ornery CSRs without freaking out and spoiling the conversation.

Tips include:

*Be kind. A bit of levity could go a long way. CSRs tend to deal with dead serious, agitated people on a constant basis, so making the conversation pleasant could urge them to work a little harder for you.

*Ask for someone with the power to help you. If you’re asking for something that will take high-level approval to pull off, don’t waste the rep’s time by dogging him with your request. Calmly state your goal and ask to speak to someone with the power to grant or deny your wish.

*Take your complaint public. Phone calls aren’t always the most efficient ways to get your problems solved. Public image-minded companies have outlets on Facebook and Twitter to field your concerns, so trying those routes instead will save you the hassle of dealing with a surly CSR.

What are your go-to ways to deal with brutal CSRs?

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