Flashback To 2007: Stephen Colbert On AT&T's Formation

It seems like only yesterday that Cingular gobbled up AT&T Wireless, becoming the AT&T Wireless that we know and love today. Now that they’ve proposed bringing T-Mobile USA into the family, we can’t help but remember this classic clip from “The Colbert Report” from 2007 — way back when no one had ever heard of a toxic asset, and the original iPhone was enthralling new technology.

For those of you who can’t watch videos right this moment, here’s one of its key jokes. This was Ma Bell/AT&T before the federal government broke it into lots of regional baby Bells:


And here is AT&T today:


Skip ahead to 2:20 to get right to the AT&T content. Since this clip is hosted by Comedy Central, it won’t be taken down after a legal challenge by Viacom like the YouTube version we posted back when this first aired.

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