Comcast Is Hounding Me With Comcastic Sales Robocalls

Parker is a reluctant Comcast customer. Comcast would like Parker, and many other companies, to upgrade their service. Unfortunately, someone at Comcast believes that the way to convince customers to do this is to robocall them daily: even if they ask to be taken off the list.

I’m an unfortunate Comcast subscriber; they have a monopoly of the cable business in my area and if I want broadband speeds, I’m stuck with them. Well this week they started a new phone dialing campaign and it’s driving us subscribers EFFING CRAZY.

This past week I’ve been getting a phone call daily from a 9 digit number, which was an obvious sign that something fishy is going on. Well, tired of being harassed, I relented and answered and after a pause was given a pitch to upgrade my cable package. I said remove me from the list but no less than 24 hours later, I’m called again by this 703333318 number.

Here are others experiencing my pain.

I’m investigating options to cancel Comcast, but sadly I think I’m screwed if I want something other than 1999 speeds DSL.

All I can ask if that you give this some prominence in the hopes it kills the campaign. As badly as so many of us want to cancel, due to our corrupt local politicians, we just don’t have that option.

Have you been receiving these calls and successfully made Comcast stop? Share your wisdom and help save Parker’s sanity. We also forwarded Parker’s complaint and contact information on to Comcast’s social media team, and maybe they can help make the calls stop. Maybe.

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