Groupon Gets Into The Movie Ticket Business

With Facebook getting into the movie rental business and Netflix deciding it should start producing TV shows, Groupon has decided to get into the entertainment biz too, offering its first deal on movie tickets for a new theatrical release.

The site partnered with Lionsgate to offer a two-day deal on tickets to The Lincoln Lawyer, a film that wants us to believe Matthew McConaughey is a lawyer or something.

The tickets are going for $6 each. After the buyer pays Groupon, they get a code to use on Fandango. That code can be redeemed at any time during the film’s theatrical run.

Groupon’s president called the offer “a strong start to what will hopefully be deep and mutually beneficial relationships with movie studios and theatrical exhibitors.”

A $6 movie ticket is unheard of in NYC for a new studio film. It will be interesting to see if this kind of offer becomes more common and which kinds of movies the studios will use Groupon to promote.

Groupon to start offering movie tickets [Chicago Breaking Business]

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