Sears Delivers New Stove, Ends Family's 6 Weeks Without Cooking

Remember Ian, whose family was stuck with a series of defective Kenmore stoves and hadn’t been able to cook at home for six weeks? He reports that Sears delivered a new stove to his house on Saturday, and this one seems to be actually functioning. So far. Hooray!

He copied us on his thank-you note to the Sears social media team, who helped him out.

This is Ian from the story at the consumerist. I’m happy to report that a stove was delivered this past Saturday and has been working happily since. I believe it was simply a matter of time until we received a stove that wasn’t faulty. We’re grateful for the support you offered and glad it wasn’t needed, but were disappointed that several members of your executive office were unable to help us for such a long time. It is unlikely we will be purchasing anything from Sears in the future. I wish you all the best in the future, as your job has got to be a tough one.

Sears Leaves Family Without Functioning Stove For 6 Weeks

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