At CVS, The Word 'Clearance' Is Essentially Meaningless

Reader Juhgail noticed “clearance” tags on an item that she was planning to buy anyway. Since “clearance” nearly always also means “sale” in retail, it’s nice when that happens. Except in CVS’s reality vortex, “clearance” actually means “we stuck a shelf tag on it, but left it at the same price.” Makes sense.

I was in CVS yesterday in my hometown, [redacted], NY. I went to purchase some Benefiber. I was happy to see that It was on sale. At closer inspection I saw it said clearance…..that made no sense, unless they were going to discontinue the larger size.

Thank you consumerist for making me aware that “All is not what it seems”. Sure enough, I peeled back the “clearance” sticker to see, WHAT!!! It’s the same friggin price!!!


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