The Nastiest Hotel Of All Time

When you’re touring with an indie band, you don’t have the cash to stay in the Four Seasons every night. But if you think you’ve stayed in some nasty places, try the one Lecee Abee stayed in, with a pool where they store box mattresses and broken tvs, a room covered in stains and grime, and blood spattered bedsheets.

As she recounts, asking the front desk for new sheets was fruitless, because after a certain hour, the front desk was just abandoned.

In the hallway there was a man who looks like a rejected Santa, wearing a jean onesie.

Forget about customer service, you just want customer survival.

And if you think you can just turn off the bedside light, go to sleep, and forget about it all, you can’t. The lampshade is blood-spattered too.

Shoulda checked TripAdvisor!

Dead Hooker Hotel [] (Thanks to Michael!)

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