Clergy Perform Exorcism On Chase Bank

A group of clergy gathered together on the steps of JP Morgan Chase on Park Ave in New York City to perform an exorcism on the bank. They said that the bank was possessed by the demons of “selfishness and avarice” because according to the group’s new study, only 6% of New York homeowners seeking a loan mod have gotten it in the past year. The exorcism happens at 0:57. No satanic spirits fly out of the banks, but money does fly out when the clergy closes down their bank accounts.

Initially security guards wouldn’t let them inside, saying “the bank is closed.” And is that Reverend Billy there from the Church of Stop Shopping?

I recently closed down a zero balance Chase bank account that I only got because they swallowed up my account from Washington Mutual. I did this to protect against the devil’s minions known as minimum balance requirements and maintenance fees.

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