Burger King's Stacker Deal Uses Questionable Math, Robs Customers Of Bacon

Do you like to mix and match your fast food items? Stephen was contemplating the current pricing structure of the Burger King Stacker, and realized that the modular sandwich relies on some strange math. Sure, you can pay more and receive more patties, but the best deal comes if you’re willing to toss out two buns and combine three single Stackers into a sort of Ultimate Triple Stacker.

I just ran across Burger King’s latest “deal” tonight, concerning its
Stacker sandwiches. While there’s some good value to be had, BK’s math
has me thinking it’s been taking lessons from Target.

You can get a single, double, or triple Stacker for $1, $2, or $3.
The single has one beef patty, one slice of cheese, and two
half-slices of bacon. The double has two patties, still one slice of
cheese, and three half-slices of bacon. The triple has three patties,
two slices of cheese, and still three half-slices of bacon.

If you buy three singles and put them together, you end up with an
extra slice of cheese, and double the bacon you’d get just compared to
ordering the triple alone. While that may get a little messy, you
could easily just take the bottom buns off two singles for a
quick-and-easy “double” with one more slice of both cheese and of
bacon than you’d get ordering the proper double Stacker.

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