Dish Network Doesn't Want Equipment Back, Would Prefer To Bill You For Service

Susie switched from Dish Network to DirecTV recently, but still must face Dish in order to get her service disconnected. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t seem to want their equipment back, and is making her pay for the month during which she still had their equipment, but wasn’t using the service.

I was put on hold for 2 and ½ hours last night. We switched to Direct TV February 6, 2011. We called Dish @10:30 am on February 7, 2011. They were suppose to send us boxes to send their equipment back to them. We received nothing. On March 1, 2011 we called again. They are now telling us that we have to pay until yesterday. They were very rude to me.

I am a 67 year old lady that still works full time. I am in a Customer Services job. Never, Never do you treat someone like I was treated. When I ask the young lady to speak to her supervisor she said no I am a supervisor. I said well let me speak with your supervisor. She said hold on. Put me on hold and never, I mean never came back. I finally hung up. i had cook dinner, ate and clean my kitchen while I was listen to music form being on hold. They still have not returned my call.

Maybe some of our executive customer service contacts for Dish Network would like to hear about the rudeness and can help straighten out this situation. Go here to find out how to contact them:

Updated: Contact DISH Executive Customer Service