Casino Offers A St. Patrick's Discount But Won't Let Me Book A Room For St. Patrick's Day

Hey everyone! Let’s go to New York, New York Casino in Las Vegas for St. Patrick’s Day since they’re offering a Paddy’s discount! But guess what — you can’t actually book a room for that holiday because they’re busy with a convention.

Consumerist reader Robert received an email from the casino imploring him to “come celebrate with us on St. Patrick’s Day,” chock-full of discounts for the festivities. He was thinking of going to Vegas then anyway, so heck, he thought, why not?

Why not indeed! He writes:

I gave the operator (Arlene) the promo code in the email and she said that offer isn’t valid on St. Patrick’s Day. I asked why they sent a St. Patrick’s Day offer that isn’t valid on St. Patrick’s Day and she said there is a convention in town that day and conventions take priority. She then said the fine print in the email explains this – but I looked and it does not so I pointed this out to her. Her response: “Oh well, that’s marketing for you.”

Instead, Robert says he took his business to Hard Rock Casino. It seems New York, New York promotion is still going, at least when we clicked on this link in the e-mail Robert forwarded. Guess that’s marketing!

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