Spirit Airline Ad Riffs On Sheen Meltdown

Spirit Airlines has another tasteless email promotion, this time riffing off the crazy phrases Charlie Sheen has been spewing in his latest media meltdown. Unlike their previous ones that made jokes about the BP oil spill, muff-diving and M.I.L.Fs (“many islands, low fares” – ahem), this one does not make me want to punch them in the face. So kudos on that, guys.

The ad-copy reads, “Living the Dream Sale!

Winning fares from $27* Each Way, Based on Roundtrip Purchase!

Face it folks, you don’t have to be a rockstar from Mars to live the dream! So “BRING IT” with “WINNING” fares starting as low as $27* each way, based on roundtrip purchase! So stop pretending that you’re not special and hurry to book your flights today!”

There’s a school of direct marketing that has found that making your ad crappier, uglier, and more annoying actually increases the response rate. I believe Spirit Airline’s marketing team graduated from that school, with honors, and gave the valedictorian speech.

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