Nintendo 3DS Will Stream Netflix, Connect Automatically For Free To AT&T WiFi Hot Spots

Nintendo’s 3DS handheld, which is due out March 27, will hook up with AT&T and Netflix in a super-hot threesome that will eventually let gamers stream movies while on the go.

According to a press release that culled together announcements made at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Nintendo has worked out a deal with AT&T that will allow the device to automatically connect for free to 10,000 AT&T WiFi Hot Spots after a May firmware update. Another update in the summer will allow Netflix subscribers to stream movies on the handheld.

Nintendo will also create a “short-form video service” that will pipe 3D movie trailers, comedy shorts and music videos to the 3DS, which projects 3D images without requiring glasses.

Drawbacks for the system include the hefty $250 price tag and an uninspiring lineup of launch games. If you’re a gamer, do the Netflix and AT&T deals sweeten the pot enough for you to take the plunge?

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