AT&T Rolls Back Free Rollover Minutes For Some

Looks like AT&T is rescinding the 1000 free rollover minute offer for some of the people people who tried to jump on it.

A few weeks ago some customer got a text blast from AT&T saying that they could reply yes and get the rollover minutes. Other people not included in the initial messaging discovered that when they replied “yes” back to the same shortcode, they got a positive response. Dena was one of those folks and she just got a new message from AT&T saying “sorry, Charlie.” (Not literally, of course, but pretty close to it.)

The message said, ” “AT&T Free Msg: Thank you for your interest in the 1000 Rollover offer. Unfortunately, your current wireless plan is not eligible for Rollover minutes.”

Since she was never intended to get the minutes in the first place, Dena isn’t too bummed about it. She writes, “Oh well. Didn’t hurt to ask, huh?”

AT&T Bribes Users With 1000 Free Rollover Minutes

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