Grow Your Own Everlasting Salad

It doesn’t take magical powers to make veggies sprout from your backyard – just some effort, knowledge and responsibility. Growing your own garden can save you money, ensure the food you eat is free of pesticides and harmful chemicals and provide a satisfying hobby.

Weekend Gardener digs in with a how-to guide that helps you get started with your own vegetopia.

Some beginning steps:

*Plot out how much area you need. The bigger the garden, the more goods you’re capable of producing, but you may want to start smaller to keep the task less daunting to start with.

*Add organic matter to your soil, and till it. Spread two or three inches of organic compost over your soil, then till it to make sure it blends into an appropriate mix.

*Map out your garden. Strategy comes into play as you decide how to plot out each type of vegetable, and will be able to remember what will grow where, how much space each plant needs and what type of care you’ll need to provide for each space.

Check out the post for the full, intensive gardening primer.

If you garden, what do you get out of the pastime?

How to start a vegetable garden [Weekend Gardener]

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