Our Most Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner Was At Arby's

A week ago we asked you to send in your best Consumerist love stories, tales of romance, love and heartbreak that centered around a specific product or service. While most of you took the opportunity to curbstomp the whole idea of Valentine’s Day as a made-up holiday designed to drain your money and make you sad, commenter infohound10 wrote in her touching recounting of how the best V-Day meal was the one her then boyfriend, now husband, bought her at Arby’s.

Commenter infohound10 wrote:

My boyfriend (now husband) of three weeks gave me the sweetest gift on our first Valentines. We met and fell in love while he was out of work. He was really short on cash — actually donating plasma to have enough to eat after he paid rent. I didn’t expect anything really — we were just starting our relationship.

He came to my work all dressed up, with a single rose, some gummie bears and splurged on Arby’s for me. The whole time I could tell he felt bad about not being able to be more extravagent but it was perfect for me because 1) Roses are my favorite 2) gummie bears are my favorite and 3) Arby’s is my favorite fast food.

I was so touched that he sacrificed for me and also managed a triple win on what he did do. That rose was on my desk for the longest time and to this day I tell him that it was the most special Valentine’s of all.

See, frugality and Valentine’s Day aren’t mutually exclusive. You just need to be smart about it and only spend money on what really matters to the other person as an individual, and not what the TV ads tell you. (“omg! He went to Jared!”)

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