80-Year-Old Woman Ends Up On Wrong Delta Flight After Getting Someone Else's Boarding Pass

Finally, a Delta gaffe that doesn’t end up with a dead pet.

An 80-year-old woman who was supposed to fly from Dulles Airport outside Washington, DC, to Atlanta, instead ended up in Charlotte, NC, after receiving the wrong boarding pass from a Delta staffer.

“We got a phone call at 4:30 from the airport saying, ‘Your grandmother was in baggage claim. Where are you guys?’ ” said the woman’s granddaughter.. “She was crying.”

The elderly woman, who doesn’t speak English, wasn’t just given her boarding pass and sent on her way. She had actually been escorted through security and to the plane in her wheelchair and no one picked up on the error.

The granddaughter says the names on the two boarding passes are “not even close.”

By way of a statement, a TSA rep tells CNN:

Every day TSA screens nearly 2 million passengers and utilizes many layers of security to keep our nation’s transportation systems secure… Every passenger passes through multiple layers of security to include thorough screening at the checkpoint.

Well… Part of that screening is to compare boarding passes to photo ID, which would have caught this mistake.

All involved parties are obviously taking this very seriously and investigating the matter.

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