Hackers Breach Nintendo 3DS Defenses Right After Device Debuts In Japan

A major reason for a video game company to come out with a new device is to make it safer from attacks by modders who find ways to let the systems play unlicensed games, as well as swipe copies of legit titles. Nintendo’s honeymoon for the 3DS handheld — which was just released in Japan and comes to the U.S. in late March — is now over before it really started.

Modders have already found a way to get past the system’s safeguards, Destructoid reports. Japanese gamers have managed to get the system to use cards that unlocked the old DS. The hack only works for DS games, but it’s likely only a matter of time until a similar maneuver lets gamers hack through the 3DS side as well.

3DS already hacked for R4 use [Destructoid]

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