Block Unwanted Calls And Texts With PrivacyStar

It’s always puzzled me why smartphones are smart enough that I can toss virtual birds at virtual pigs, but they’re somehow too stupid to let me block unwanted calls or texts. Well now there’s PrivacyStar, an app for Android and Blackberry that lets you do just that.

Also, you can also report violators right to the FTC at the press of a button. There’s even a “SmartBlock” feature that automatically blocks the numbers that have been most blocked by other PrivacyStar users.

The service costs $2.99/month, less if you prepay, but if you find yourself getting harassed all the time on your cellphone and would like a different choice besides changing your number, it could be worth it. I haven’t tried it out myself but it sounds useful.

However, if you just want to block texts, you can do so for free with an app like Handcent SMS or Anti SMS Bomber.

PrivacyStar [Official Site]

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