NYC May Add Bar Codes To Restaurant Inspection Grades

It’s been about a year since New York City eateries began posting huge letter grades to reflect their latest health inspection results, but now the city’s Health Department is thinking about adding bar codes that people could scan to get more in-depth info on that restaurant’s specific results.

“The Health Department is exploring the possibility of putting bar codes on restaurant letter grades that would take consumers directly to a restaurant’s latest [inspection] results,” a department rep tells the NY Daily News.

This information is already available online, but the bar codes would allow potential customers to use their smartphone to get instant access to the data behind the grade.

The city’s Buildings Department is already putting bar codes on construction permits so people can access details about the project, the building and violations related to the property’s owner.

“This is just the beginning,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Once you get this to work, there’s an awful lot of things and we’re committed to do that.”

Health Dept. may put bar codes on restaurant letter grades to access inspection information [NY Daily News]

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