Dell Promises Fix For Defective Alienware Laptop, Now Won't Help Me

David’s Alienware laptop has a defective hinge design, and he’s already had the problematic part fixed twice. While Dell has promised a fix for the defect in the near future, David’s warranty has expired and his computer is close to breaking again. He needs help from Dell that no one is interested in providing.

I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog, and I have a question; what should I do when a company (in my case Dell) aren’t replying to my customer service queries or my subsequent complaints?

I bought an Alienware M11x from Dell when they were first launched and as you can see here, there is a manufacturing defect which causes the hinges to crack and the screen to become virtually unusable in a majority of cases. In fact, my hinges have broken twice and are well on their way to breaking again, and in Dell’s defense both times were replaced under warranty promptly and professionally.

However my warranty recently expired, and so before the expiration date I phoned and emailed Dell asking if out of warranty repairs would be covered for free as representatives of the company have stated would be the case.

From that link:

“We apologize for this process taking so long. We have an ETA around March for when the M11x-R1/R2 Hinge fix program will be started. The start date range hinges is dependent on a 3rd party vendor and other details so it is not concrete. When it does begin, all who have the hinge defect will get it repaired regardless of the warranty end date. We know that you deserve the re-designed Hinge and we will make it happen.”

Both times I contacted them they replied that it wouldn’t be repaired outside of warranty for free, despite me mentioning that link or embedding it in an email to them, and recently my emails and then subsequent complaints (four in total now, in addition to the previous correspondence I had with them) have all been ignored (Dell say they reply within 24 hours, I have waited around a week and a half).

I’m really frustrated, I just want some peace of mind and I’m feeling pretty disgusted at the way I’m being treated by Dell.

Sometimes, a polite letter to Michael Dell breaks through standard customer service.

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