Sears Replaces Reader's Basement-Flooding Washer

Consumer victory! After being featured on this site last week, reader Sharon’s basement-flooding washing machine is going to be replaced. While the replacement itself is due to Sharon’s own diligent work trying to make Sears see logic, she’ll be getting more expensive replacement washer for her trouble after her Consumerist appearance.

Sharon updated us:

A senior tech came out today as a result of my second escalation attempt
through the customer advocacy line. This was not due to my story on
consumerist. He reveiwed my case and ordered the washer replacement but
still came out to finalize the documentation for my property damage claim.
I am to receive a authorization number within 48 hours.

Shortly after his visit, I received a phone call from the executive office
which is now handling my claim. This was due to James Hill seeing my story
on the consumerist. The replacement value for my washer will now be $150
over the original purchase price. I need to pick out the new machine and
provide them with the item number and they will have it delivered. They are
trying to make the rest of this process as easy as possible for me.

Thanks very much.

Go Sharon!

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