Safeway Catches Alleged Shoplifters With Tracking Device On Getaway Van

Management of a Portland, Ore. Safeway was sick of getting ripped off by the same couple over and over again, so its security staff placed a tracking device on the van driven by the alleged shoplifters. Now the couple, accused of swiping more than $5 million worth of goods from the Safeway over several years, is in custody.

NorthWest Cable News reports the Safeway staff produced a spreadsheet of items it believes the couple stole and handed it over to police, and Safeway says it has captured 103 thefts on video between Nov. 19 and Jan. 14 involving one or both of the duo.

Do you think Safeway crossed a line by tracking the van?

Couple shoplifted $5 million from Portland Safeway stores, police say [NorthWest Cable News]
(Thanks, Sean!)

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