Personal Finance Roundup

10 Tips to Avoid an Audit [Money Talks News] “Take it from someone who’s been there: An IRS audit is no walk in the park.”

Six Ways to Boost Your Investment Income [Wall Street Journal] “If you need income, here are six moves worth thinking about.”

6 Questions to Ask in a Job Interview [Main Street] “It’s crucial to take the initiative to get your questions out during the course of the conversation.”

Confusing Credit Terminology, Demystified [Mint Life Blog] “Here are seven pairs of seemingly interchangeable credit terms that are most often misinterpreted by consumers and even ‘experts.’ “

5 things worth haggling over [MSN Money] “They cost a lot of money, and most are necessities, but many people routinely pay too much for them. Don’t be one of the pushovers. Do some negotiating.”


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