Feds Find $9 Million In Opium Inside Adorable Acrylic Kitty Cats At JFK

Customs agents at JFK International Airport in New York City have seized $9 million of pure opium hidden inside a shipment of acrylic cats.

The shipment of “plastic samples” had come to the airport on a flight from Thailand, but suspicious Customs officers were curious about the cats.

From the NY Daily News:

X-rays showed plastic-wrapped packages secreted inside the black decorative cats. The officers cracked the life-size figurines open and discovered the brown, tar-like drug.

No word yet on how much this bust will impact the street value of opium or decorative cats.

Speaking of JFK, earlier this week two TSA agents were arrested after allegedly stealing at least $160,000 from travelers’ bags.

Federal agents seize $9M of pure opium hidden in acrylic cats at JFK Airport [NY Daily News]

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