Compared To The Rest Of The World, Americans Are Light Drinkers

Despite the best efforts of Tom Cruise to capture the booze-swilling hearts of a nation in Cocktail, Americans have one of the lowers per capita drinking rates in the world.

The Daily Mail cites a World Health Authority report that finds the average American drinks the equivalent of about 470 pints of beer per year, or 31 glasses of wine. The average British drinker knocks down the equivalent of 1,100 pints of beer and Russians get slizzered with 1,350 pints.

Part of the American shortcoming has to do with its low rate of active drinkers. About 35 percent of Americans don’t drink a drop of liquid courage.

How much alcohol do you drink a year?

U.S. drinks the lowest amount of alcohol in the developed world, figures reveal [The Daily Mail]

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